How can I help?

  1. Observe the recommendations posted by the US Centers for Disease Control (Spanish click here) and the public health orders of the San Diego County Health Department as faithfully as possible.
  2. As a diocese, we strongly support these recommendations and defer to the opinion of health experts. This is not a challenge to our Catholic beliefs. On the contrary, we respect the science and want no part of putting the health of our fellow parishioners or their families at risk.
  3. Contact your parish and look at your parish website regularly and offer to volunteer. Pastors will be looking for help in distributing assistance to seniors and others who have been asked to shelter indoors and practice social distancing from their families and friends.  Young families home schooling their children will need extra support. All of them may need deliveries of food, medicine or other materials that the parish is in a special position to provide.
  4. If you are not already signed up for the automatic deduction of your weekly parish contributions, please do so now so that your parish can continue to provide assistance to any and all parishioners who need our support.