“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”
-Matthew 25:35

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The Catholic Church proclaims the central truth that every human person is sacred. Created in God’s image and likeness and redeemed by the death and resurrection of Christ, every person has fundamental human dignity that comes from God, not from any human attribute or accomplishment.

Every person has a right to life and to the material and spiritual support required to live a truly human existence. The right to a truly human life logically leads to the right to enough food to sustain a life with dignity. The poverty and hunger that diminish the lives of millions in our own land and in so many other countries are fundamental threats to human life and dignity and demand a response from believers.

The Million Meal Event is that response from the deacons of the Diocese of San Diego. They invite all parishes and their communities to join them in a project that nourishes impoverished families just across the border and across the world, affirming their dignity as children of God.


Deacon Mike Daniels
Lead Event Coordinator (St. Brigid Parish)
Mission Deanery
Phone: (858) 361-1240
deaconmikeEmail at symbolsaintbrigidparish.org
Caroline Kelner
St. Brigid Parish
Carolinekelner10Email at symbolgmail.com

Cathedral and El Cajon Deaneries
Deacon James Scull
Ascension Parish
James.scullEmail at symbolgmail.com
Mission and Oceanside Deaneries
Deacon Mike Daniels
St. Brigid Parish
deaconmikeEmail at symbolsaintbrigidparish.org
South Bay and Escondido Deaneries
Deacon Kevin Murray
Sacred Heart Parish (Coronado)
Kevin.m.murrayEmail at symbolgmail.com
El Centro Deanery
Deacon Domingo Enriquez
El Centro Catholic
deacondomingoEmail at symbolelcentrocatholic.org