Faith and Science Curriculum

On July 31st, a training for all Directors for Catechetical Ministry, Catholic School Principals and junior-high level teachers and catechists took place to explore the Credible Catholic curriculum by Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ; Ph.D, President and Co-Founder of the Magis Center. The focus for the year ahead will center on Module 2 of the Credible Catholic curriculum, titled the Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God. Below are the recordings for the diocesan trainings, the parish and school break-out sessions, and other resources for implementation.

Upcoming Faith & Science Workshops
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In response to the growing rate of disaffiliated youth in our church and the staggering statistics showing this number to be rapidly growing, the California Bishops have unanimously agreed that action must be taken in order to inform and educate our parish and school children about the complementarity between faith and science. We have an opportunity in our diocese to address this specific issue through our prescribed religious studies curriculum in schools and parishes. In line with this effort, all Catholic dioceses across California are mandated to implement select modules of the Credible Catholic series for junior high school-aged children. Our collective hope is that this instructional content is integrated within other academic subjects and catechetical programs. The Diocesan Office for Schools and Office for Evangelization & Catechetical Ministries have been collaboratively working on this joint effort as we emerge from the pandemic and prepare for implementation this fall.


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