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8th Grade Religion Standards

  1. Knowledge of Faith – 7 Essential Module 2: Evidence of God’s Existence from Science, Module 3: Proof of God’s Existence from Philosophy, and Module 4: Proof of Jesus’ Resurrection and Divinity
    • 8-KF-R-1 Describe the connection between Scripture and Tradition and the true faith we find in both that make up a single deposit of the Word of God.
    • 8-KF-R-2 Demonstrate an understanding of Salvation History and identify how the Acts of the Apostles, the epistles, and our lives are a continuation of Salvation history.
    • 8-KF-T Describe how God the Father sent the Son, Jesus to redeem us and how the grace of the Holy Spirit continues to give us new life.
  2. Liturgical Education – 7 Essential Module 5: Why Be Catholic? Recommendation 1
    • 8-LE-E Describe all the parts of the Mass and the role of the assembly.
    • 8-LE-S Articulate how the sacraments strengthen their relationships with God and the faith community and benefit both the individual and community.
  3. Moral Education – 7 Essential Module 1: Evidence of a Soul from Medical Studies
    • 8-ME-HP-3 Identify and describe how conscience is a function of reason that allows one to be responsible for one’s actions.
    • 8-ME-HC-1 Identify and articulate the morality of human (personal) acts and how both venial and mortal sin can result in social sin.
  4. Teaching to Pray
    • 8-TP-FP Articulate how all prayer forms help us lead holy lives through blessing, adoration, petition, intercessions, thanksgiving and praise.
    • 8-TP-EP State how we use the prayers of the saints to help up pray.
    • 8-TP-EP Explore, experience and reflect on the various expressions of prayer: vocal, meditative and contemplative.
  5. The Life, Community and History of the Church – 7 Essential Module 5: Why Be Catholic? – Recommendation 2
    • 8-LCH-MC-2 Identify the responsibility of the Body of Christ to work for the Kingdom of God on Earth throughout history, today and in the future.
    • 8-LCH-MC-3 Appreciate the benefits of chastity/chaste lives with maintaining our bodies as
    • 8-LCH-CF-5 Apply the concept of being made in God’s image to the response to God’s call through vocation.
  6. The Church’s Missionary Life and Service – 7 Essential Module 6: True Happiness and Module 7: Why Does God Allow Suffering?
    • 8-CMLS-SS Explain the stewardship equation- receive/cultivate/share/return.
    • 8-CMLS-EDNE Recall and understand the implications for your own life that Jesus commanded the disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations.”


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