The Eucharist Renewal Initiative: Parish Resources

Week-by-Week Guide

Final ‘teaching Mass’ is Sunday, Oct. 24

The diocese will hold the third and final Mass of our “teaching Masses” this Sunday, Oct. 24. It’s the final day of the diocese’s Eucharist Renewal Initiative, which aims to deepen our understanding of the gifts we receive when we attend Mass in person. This Sunday we will cover “Meal sharing: Liturgy of the Eucharist.”

As a reminder, the diocese provided a script for each of these Masses in which a commentator explains the ritual actions at different points during the Mass. Please note that we have updated Week 3 of the commentator script in English and Spanish to correct errors. (We will post the version in Vietnamese as soon as possible.)

Share! Share! Share!

It’s crucial that parishes share this information with their community, particularly the faithful who have not returned to Mass. We are providing assets for this purpose on this page.

Bulletin inserts (divided over three weeks) so the information presented at Mass can be shared in a written format.

General reference is a step-by-step explanation of the ritual actions as they occur in the Mass. This reference is available as a Word document and as a designed PDF ready to copy on 8.5 by 11 paper.

This reference was printed in the October issue of The Southern Cross in English and Spanish.

Web / social media graphics – see below.

Please contact us if you have any questions at the phone number and email on this page. Thank you for helping to bring this initiative to your community at a critical time for our parishes.

THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED, links added, so please check back regularly.

**NEW** Web / Social Media Graphics

We have designed graphics in English and Spanish you can use on your parish website, Flocknotes, and social media to promote each of the three weeks of teaching Masses. The caption should direct readers to a diocesan web page on the Eucharist Renewal Initiative:

How to download graphics: Click on the image, right click on the image, select Save Image As, then click Save.

The diocese will share the content of the teaching Masses in English and Spanish through its Facebook (@DioceseSanDiego) and Instagram (@SDCatholics) pages. We invite parishes to follow these pages (if they don’t already do so) and to share our posts to their network.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


Parishes are invited to promote the Eucharist Renewal Initiative in their communications, which may include their bulletin, website, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), Flocknote, and other electronic means.

Sept. 11-12 Present Bishop’s introductory video and Homily 1: “The Eucharist is a direct personal encounter with Jesus Christ.”

Sept. 18-19 Present Homily 2: “The Eucharist is the sacrificial memorial of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection by which we have been redeemed.”

Sept. 25-26 Present Homily 3: “The Eucharist is the sacred meal that nurtures us, bonds us together and sends us forth to transform the world.”

Oct. 02-03 Parish pastor will continue this focus in his own homily, addressing the elements of the Eucharist that are important to his community at this moment.

Oct. 09-10 Teaching Mass Week 1 (See Above)

Oct. 16-17 Teaching Mass Week 2 (See Above)

Oct. 23-24 Teaching Mass Week 3 (See Above)


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