Guidelines for preparation and Celebration of a Quinceañera

The following guidelines are intended to provide parishes within the Diocese with pastoral and liturgical helps for formation and preparation of the Quince Años celebration. Each parish is encouraged to prepare and make available its own guidelines/ requirements for the preparation and celebration of Quince Años.

Pastoral concerns:

All youth, regardless of race or cultural background, who have reached 15 years of age, may request a quinceañera celebration within the following guidelines.

  • The fifteen year old should have already received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Communion. Youth who have not received these Sacraments should register with sufficient anticipation (i.e 2 years) to be able to enroll in an adapted Sacramental preparation program. Quinceañera celebrations should not be scheduled before youth are enrolled in such program.
  • Quinceañera celebrations are to be considered as a part of comprehensive youth ministry based on the Bishop’s document Renewing the Vision ; A framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, therefore youth are encouraged and invited to participate in the parish’s Youth Ministry Programs and events.


Quinceañeras may be celebrated as a Mass or a Liturgy of the Word. Celebrations may be done individually or for a group and should be done in a parish church or chapel.

  • Liturgical norms are to be respected, in particular during Advent and Lent.
  • Quinceañeras, their families and friends should be instructed of appropriate reverence and dress attire for the celebration.
  • A rehearsal and overview of the Mass or liturgy of the word should be offered for the youth and their parents.


A parish Quince Años team is recommended for the catechetical and liturgical preparation of the youth. The parish team should meet the Diocese Safe environment requirement in order to serve as an instructor or catechist in the program.

  • Preparation for the quinceañera should include adolescent catechesis and evangelization.
  • Preparation programs may vary from 6 to 8 weekly sessions. (These should not be substituted for any sacramental catechetical classes.)
  • Parishes should create a model of preparation that best suits the parish community.
  • Parents and quinceañera companions should be included in preparation programs.

(The Office for Youth Ministry can provide resources for preparation programs.)