Robert W. McElroy

Extraordinary Ministry

The diocese re-imagined how it welcomes and serves today’s families, at every stage, following a synod on the family. The process it developed for that consultation has served as the foundation for future consultations.

Since arriving in San Diego, Bishop McElroy has dedicated the diocese’s work to building bridges to the region’s diverse young adult communities.

The diocese takes unprecedented steps on the issue of sex abuse of children, listening to the faithful in candid conversations, launching an Independent Compensation Program for victims and enlisting every employee to confront abuse.

Diocese responds boldly to the agony of climate change and its devastating effects on the most vulnerable, while challenging people of faith to work in small and great ways to care for creation.

At every opportunity, Bishop Robert McElroy advocates for the sacredness of life, from conception to natural death. He’s seizing the historic opportunity to advance life-affirming policies presented by the end of the federal right to abortion.

Bishop McElroy challenged Catholic Charities to respond boldly and swiftly to help the most vulnerable residents battered by the pandemic. The agency’s efforts serve as a model of faith in action.

The diocese’s compassionate, swift response to immigrant families released by U.S. authorities, as well as refugees resettling to this country, has become a national model.

The diocese has worked tirelessly to invite all cultural communities to participate in the life of the local church. It honors their faith traditions while bringing them together as one People of God.

As pandemic restrictions eased, the diocese developed and launched a seven-week program at every one of its 98 parishes to increase the faithful’s understanding of and affection for the Eucharist.



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