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Our mission is to spread the Catholic teaching of creation care concerning our duty to be good stewards of our common home, to include the just use of our environmental resources and the protection of all life. We raise awareness to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor, encourage individual and community resilience and empowerment, and advocate for the adoption of sustainable lifestyles, all with the urgency the times require.

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Creation at Grave Risk

Devastating droughts. Increasing number of powerful tornadoes and hurricanes. Record-setting fires. Hundreds of thousands have died, millions injured worldwide just in the last decade, and millions have been forced to leave their homes permanently. The destruction of climate change is a worldwide catastrophe.

The Catholic Church is responding to this existential crisis. Since its origins, caring for creation and for the poor have been integral to the Catholic faith. Pope Francis is a global leader in calling for swift, sweeping changes to save creation, particularly the most vulnerable. In his pastoral letter to “everyone on the planet,” known as “Laudato Si’ Care for Our Common Home,” he urges everyone to work together to reverse climate change and to implement systemic change to lift up the poor.

In response to his call, the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, led by Cardinal Robert W. McElroy, has made protecting the environment a priority. The Creation Care Ministry is here to help you join in this action.

SD Catholic Creation Care Pathway to Action

1. SEE:  Watch The Letter, a free film produced by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Integral Human Development and the Laudato Si’ Movement to get an overview of today’s environmental crisis and develop understanding of how the poor and vulnerable experience the greatest impact.

Families can watch at home on YouTube here, or parishes/schools/groups can register for a link here.

2. DISCERN: Participate in one of our diocesan introductory workshops to learn about the science that explains today’s environmental degradation, the spiritual nature of these dynamics, and how you can get involved with our Creation Care programs.

We hold two workshops at the Pastoral Center, just before Lent and during the Season of Creation in September, AND/OR we will gladly come to your parish—English and Spanish presentations are available!

3. ACT: Attend a Laudato Si’ Action Planning Hands-On Workshop, at which we will guide you—parishes, schools, families, businesses, and universities—through the Vatican’s online platform for taking action to lessen your impact on our sister, Mother Earth!

Laudato Si’ Goals
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Join Us in Prayer As World Leaders Gather at the UN’s 28th Climate Conference of the Parties (COP28), November 30 – December 12

God of blessings,
the universe sings of your glory.
Deepen our gratitude for all you have made
and awaken in us a renewed commitment
to care for the earth and each other.
Inspire world leaders at COP28,
with openness to listen to those most affected by climate change
and with courage to act urgently and wisely,
so that our common home may be healed and restored
and all people, and generations to come, may delight in it.


Cardinal McElroy Releases Statement on Eve of World Climate Summit


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Triune Lord, wondrous community of infinite love,
teach us to contemplate you
in the beauty of the universe,
for all things speak of you.
Awaken our praise and thankfulness
for every being that you have made.
Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined
to everything that is.

(Pope Francis, A Christian Prayer in Union with Creation, Laudato Si’)