Diocesan Main Contacts

Bishop of San Diego: Robert Cardinal McElroy(858) 490-8300
Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Life, Peace and Justice: Most Rev. Ramón Bejarano(858) 490-8200
Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Parish Pastoral Initiatives: Most Rev. Felipe Pulido(858) 490-8200
Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General: Most Rev. Michael Pham(858) 490-8200
Diocesan Tribunal
Judicial Vicar: Very Rev. Msgr. Steven F. Callahan(858) 490-8320
Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs
Vicar: Most Rev. Ramón Bejarano(858) 490-8306
Ethnic and Intercultural Communities
Vicar General: Most Rev. Ramón Bejarano(858) 490-8306
Vice Moderator of the Curia: Rodrigo Valdivia(858) 490-8310
Evangelization & Catechetical Ministry
Chancellor, Director: María Olivia Galván(858) 490-8232
Associate Director: Joseph Horejs(858) 490-8234
Associate Director: Leticia Trent(858) 490-8222
Chancellor: Maria Olivia Galván(858) 490-8208
Child and Youth Protection
Director: Rodrigo Valdivia(858) 490-8310
Victim Assistance Coordinator: Mary Acosta(858) 490-8353
Civil Affairs
Director: William M. Nolan, Esq.(858) 490-8277
Communications and Public Affairs
Director, Diocesan Media: Aida Bustos(858) 490-8374
Director, External and Community Relations: Kevin C. Eckery(858) 490-8217
Diocesan Institute
Director: Gerardo Rojas(858) 490-8212
Family Life and Spirituality
Director: John Prust(858) 490-8256
Associate Director: Wendy Baez(858) 490-8295
Associate Director, Separated and Divorced Ministry: Janelle Peregoy(858) 490-8292
Chief Financial Officer: Shirley Pajanor(858) 490-8371
Controller: Ann Duong(858) 490-8316
Human Resources
Director: Russ Gennaro(858) 490-8283
Associate Director: Judith Gonzalez(858) 490-8282
Associate Director of Recruitment: Adam Forsythe(858) 490-8279
Information Technology
Director: Danny Nunez(858) 490-8329
Life, Peace and Justice
Director: Robert Ehnow, PhD(858) 490-8375
Associate Director, Culture of Life: Maria de Lourdes Valencia(858) 490-8323
Associate Director, Creation Care: Christina Slentz, PhD(858) 490-8327
Liturgy And Spirituality
Director: Noreen McInnes(858) 490-8291
Director: Rev. Soney Sebastian, SVD(858) 490-8251
Director of Missionary Childhood Association: Sr. Eva L. Rodríguez, SJS(858) 490-8255
Associate Director: Sr. Doreen Lai, SP(858) 490-8254
Pastoral Formation
Director of Pastoral Formation: Laura Martin-Spencer(619) 291-7446
Permanent Diaconate
Director: Rev. Eduardo A. Samaniego, SJ(858) 490-8216
Associate Director: Clarissa Martinez(858) 490-8298
Priestly Formation
Director for Priestly Formation: Very Rev. Matthew Spahr(619) 291-7446
Superintendent of Schools: Leticia Oseguera(858) 490-8240
Associate Superintendent: Elijah Bonde(858) 490-8240
Associate Superintendent: Elizabeth Kramer(858) 490-8240
Director: Manny Aguilar(858) 490-8294
The Southern Cross
Managing Editor: Aida Bustos(858) 490-8374
Women Religious
Director: Sr. Kathleen Warren, OSF(858) 490-8289
Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Director: Maricruz Flores(858) 490-8262
Associate Director: Brilema Perez(858) 490-8260
Associate Director: Evelyn Beale(858) 490-8263