Marriage Enrichment

The Sacrament of Marriage is a lifelong collaboration with God to bring life and grace to the world through married love. This page offers resources for couples to evaluate and strengthen their relationship, continuing to water the seeds of their “I do.”

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Formation in the Sacrament of Marriage is truly a lifelong project. The decision to say “I do” is made, again and again, remembering and renewing the decision initially made on the altar before Christ and His Church. Each day, we renew our commitment to love our beloved the way Christ loves us. We allow the grace of the Sacrament to continue molding and shaping us into becoming the persons that God made us be, getting closer to heaven in the process.

All couples experience ups and downs in their relationship. Through the ups and downs, however, it is critical for couples to continue watering the seeds of their “I do”, to evaluate and monitor the state of their relationship, and to commit to being better husbands and wives on a regular basis. For couples with serious relational challenges, know that with God’s grace, healing is possible. In fact, research has shown that a large percentage of unhappy marriages become happy again.

Please review the marriage enrichment resources below to see what’s right for you. Most of these resources listed can be completed by a couple on their own or in a group format in a home or parish setting.


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