San Diego Catholic Bishop Issues Statement about On-Line Threat Against St. Anne parish

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 25, 2020) – San Diego Catholic Bishop Robert W. McElroy issued the following statement today after an individual tweeted an invitation to protest against St. Anne parish, a church of the San Diego diocese located in Logan Heights:

“When the diocese of San Diego first received an indication that a potential protest was being organized against St. Anne Church yesterday, I called its pastor, Father John Lyons, FSSP.

“Father Lyons indicated that it is unclear what the origin of this potential protest proclamation is, and whether it is actually rooted in concerns revolving around the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Father Lyons said he had already spoken with the police about this issue and that they will monitor the situation.

“I commend these steps and offer to be present personally if any protests actually develop to stand with the parish.”