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The Diocesan Commission for African-American Catholics exists to celebrate, support and share Black Spirituality by promoting growth and renewal through liturgical and social justice activities as tools of evangelization for the Diocese of San Diego.


The Commission started around 1976, founded by Audrey Chung. It was comprised of the following members who were part of original commission and the churches they represented: Audrey Chung (St. Rita), Jean Robertson (Christ the King), Shannon Percy (St. Michael in Paradise Hills), Leota Peterson (Holy Family in Linda Vista), Joan Smith (Catholic Church in Mira Mesa) and Loraine Bergeron (Holy Spirit).

The Commission decided in 1977 to add a Catholic gospel music director, Randy Glover, and a deacon, Dr. Marvin Threatt. The first major event sponsored by the Commission was a musical weekend workshop in 1978-79 lead by Grayson Brown and Ron Harbor. The second major event was the start of our annual revivals, which began in 1979 and were held at Christ the King for several years. The revivals then started rotating among three churches: Christ the King, St Rita and Holy Spirit.




African American Community
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