Resources for Single Parents, Children & Teens

"All family life is a 'shepherding' in mercy. Each of us, by our love, leaves a mark on the lives of others..." (Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia #322)

Parent Resources

Kids’ Turn San Diego‘s mission of “promoting, supporting and securing the well-being of children who are experiencing family separation”, changes family relationships in positive ways so children experiencing family separations have happier childhoods and brighter futures.

The cornerstone of their work is the The Family Workshop for Separated & Divorced families.  This co-parenting program helps children, ages 5-17, learn new ways to understand their family situation, creative ways to express their feelings and that they are not alone. Parents learn strategies of how to best help their children transition through separation and divorce and how to handle challenging situations in new ways.

They also offer individual counseling for children.

Parish Resources

Faith Journeys Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to provide churches and schools with the tools and expertise to offer faith-based group programs for children and adolescents from divorced or separated families, along with their parents, so families may heal more fully, grow stronger in their faith, and pursue their vocations free of the burdens of unresolved grief.  Founder Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, LCPC, NCC is recognized as a leading figure regarding faith-based pastoral care of children from divorced families.  As a licensed clinical professional counselor, pastoral counselor, and Catholic “child of divorce” who has been happily married since 2001, Lynn combines professional and personal expertise into her passion for helping children and adolescents grow stronger from parental divorce. Also an author, Lynn has written age-appropriate books for Catholic children of divorce as well as The Divorced Catholic’s Guide to Parenting.

Lynn joined the Office for Family Life & Spirituality for a “Profiles in Ministry” video in December 2020.  Please see that video here.

Raised in Faith

Jo Holt is a minister, author and founder of Raised in Faith, an outreach and parish ministry for single-parents.  She was featured on Busted Halo after the publication of her book, Single & Raising Saints.  Jo would like to share the following resource:  How to Glorify God as a Single Parent.  if you would like to learn more about her incredible ministry or purchase her book, please visit Raised in Faith.

Single parents are men and women who are divorced, widowed, separated, never married, or are otherwise functioning as single parents. Whether you are newly single, or single for many years, you will find a welcoming environment in the Catholic Church. We will help you connect with a community of friendship and support, invite you into all aspects of parish life, and provide resources to help you live out your vocation.

Book, Websites & Podcast & for Single Parents

Websites: is a collaborative community of moms (and dads) sharing their experiences of faith and daily life.  They have many articles pertaining to divorce, step-parenting and blended families.

Safe Families for Children                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This innovative collaboration between area churches, volunteers and child care professionals supports at-risk children and parents in need.

Smart Step Families
This website provides Christian resources for single parents, dating couples with kids, and step families from a remarriage.

Up To Parents
This free, confidential and interactive website helps divorcing and divorced parents.


Divorce is not just hard on the moms and dads, it is also devastating for the kids. Raising Strong Kids Through Divorce is a resource for both parents and kids to help and empower them so that divorce doesn’t define who they are as a family.

Books & Resources for Children & Teens

For Children (Topic of Divorce)

For Children (Topic of Separation)

For Teenagers



When parents separate or divorce, it’s painful and traumatic. And most teens and young adults feel alone and uncertain of how to deal with it all. Restored offers them the practical advice and tools they need to cope, heal, and grow, so they can feel whole again and thrive in life.