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Around 120 deacons serve the faithful of the Diocese of San Diego. Though they are actively engaged throughout the year in their own service projects, the Million Meal Event represents the first time they have all been invited to participate in a single, diocese-wide endeavor. They held their inaugural event in June of 2022.

The coordinating team for this project is led by Deacon Mike Daniels, of St. Brigid Parish in Pacific Beach, and includes Caroline Kelner, also from that parish; and Deacons Kevin Murray, of Sacred Heart Parish in Coronado; Jim Scull, of Ascension Parish in Tierrasanta, and Wil Hollowell, from Corpus Christi Parish in Bonita.

The deacons are partnering with Kids Around the World, Inc. (KIDS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families devastated by poverty, natural disasters, war and illness.

The deacons invite all the faithful across the diocese to support this project with their funds, their hands, and most important, their hearts.

Interested in Participating?


Deacon Mike Daniels
Lead Event Coordinator (St. Brigid Parish)
Mission Deanery
Phone: (858) 361-1240
deaconmikeEmail at symbolsaintbrigidparish.org
Caroline Kelner
St. Brigid Parish
Carolinekelner10Email at symbolgmail.com

Cathedral Deanery
Deacon James Scull
Ascension Parish
James.scullEmail at symbolgmail.com
Mission Deanery
Deacon Mike Daniels
St. Brigid Parish
deaconmikeEmail at symbolsaintbrigidparish.org
South Bay Deanery
Deacon Wil Hollowell
Corpus Christi Parish
deaconwilEmail at symbolcorpuschristicatholic.org
El Cajon Deanery
Deacon Jerry Stenovec
St. Luke Parish
gerald.m.stenovecEmail at symbolboeing.com
Escondido Deanery
Deacon Kevin Murray
Sacred Heart Parish (Coronado)
Kevin.m.murrayEmail at symbolgmail.com
Oceanside Deanery
Deacon John Fredette
St. Thomas More Parish
johnfEmail at symbolstmoside.org
El Centro Deanery
Deacon Domingo Enriquez
El Centro Catholic
deacondomingoEmail at symbolelcentrocatholic.org