Separated or Divorced

You are not alone.
The Church recognizes your pain and offers support.

The Church understands the pain of those caught in this situation. When divorce is the only possible recourse, the Church offers her support to those involved and encourages them to remain close to the Lord.

– United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, p.287

Loneliness and other difficulties are often the lot of separated spouses, especially when they are the innocent parties. The ecclesial community must support such people, more than ever. It must give them respect, solidarity, understanding and practical help.

– St. John Paul II

Did you know?

  • Divorced Catholics are full members of the Church and are encouraged to participate in its activities.
  • Divorced Catholics in good standing with the Church, who have not remarried or who have remarried following an annulment, may receive the Eucharist and other sacraments. Catholics remarried without an annulment should meet with a pastor to clarify their situation.
  • In the Diocese of San Diego, there is no charge for the annulment process.
  • A declaration of nullity has no effect on the legitimacy of children.
  • A declaration of nullity does not deny that a relationship existed. It means that a marriage that was thought to be valid civilly and canonically was in fact not valid according to Church law.


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