Adult Children of Divorce

Who exactly are Adult Children of Divorce? As the name implies, these are adults whose parents divorced during their childhood. For some children of divorce, the effects of their parents’ relationships may not be intimately felt until adulthood. Some adult children of divorce may often feel alone and lost in a Church and in a society that promotes an idealized nuclear family. Some may struggle with trust, avoid conflict or fear commitment. Adult children of divorce are statistically more likely to divorce themselves and may struggle to form healthy attachments in relationships. All these dynamics are normal and expected in adult children of divorce. However, the past does not determine the present.

As Christians, we are always people of hope…let us acknowledge adult children of divorce and help them find pathways of healing and love. This page is intended to provide resources for this journey.

Resources for Adult Children of Divorce

Life-Giving Wounds

Life-Giving Wounds is a Catholic ministry to young adults and adults with divorced or separated parents. We provide three-day healing retreats, ongoing support groups, and online resources to help men and women turn the wounds and pain caused by the dissolution of their parents’ relationship into life-giving resources of faith, hope, love, and joy. You can connect with the ministry and directors Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola by email info@lifegivingwounds.come-newsletter, or our Facebook page.

Upcoming Retreats

No upcoming retreats have been scheduled. Check back soon.

Meet Dan and Bethany Meola and learn more about their commitment to serve adult children of divorce.

Our Associate Director, Janelle Peregoy was invited by Anne DeSantis, Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, to collaborate on a podcast.  Through sharing our stories of hope and healing from our parents’ divorce, we hope to shed a light on why we need to continue to have these conversations and support all family members effected by divorce.


When parents separate or divorce, it’s painful and traumatic. And most teens and young adults feel alone and uncertain of how to deal with it all. Restored offers them the practical advice and tools they need to cope, heal, and grow, so they can feel whole again and thrive in life.



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