Racial Justice

Racial Justice Ministry is a faith-centered effort
to confront and abolish racism in ourselves, our
communities, and nation. We pray, educate
ourselves, engage in relationship building, and
advocate for transformative change.

Combating Racism Together

Don’t look away from sin and suffering. Instead, Pope Francis says to remember the truth that God put in our hearts: that we belong to Him and to each other.

Discover what our Church says about racism.

Learn the types of racism.

Peruse materials from our Church, scholars, ethicists, and ministries.

As Catholics, we know who we are and Whose we are. Discern what is right in God’s eyes; then choose.

Reflect on your participation in the sin of racism with an Examination of Conscience from USCCB.

Pray, contemplate, and discern what is yours to do.

Pray to see with the merciful eyes of our hearts, choose what is true, and then take action for a just outcome.

Get involved in this ministry work. Start or learn about other racial justice ministries.

Stay up to date on learning opportunities, resource updates, and advocacy alerts.