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God sent his son into the world in a family that had its hearts open to love, as Pope Francis tells us. This page offers a pastoral guide to help families to be open to love in their daily lives at home.

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Deeping Your Relationship With God At Home

We are created by God to be and live in communion with each other. The family is the micra ekklesia (“little church”), a place that St. John Paul II described as “a living reflection of and a real sharing of God’s love for humanity and the love of Christ the Lord for the Church His bride.” (Familiaris Consortio)

Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia offers us a pastoral guide on how to continue building our domestic church. Regarding raising children in faith, Pope Francis recommends that parents “need symbols, actions and stories” and “moments of family prayer and acts of devotion…which can be more powerful for evangelization than any catechism class or sermon” (AL 288). Utilizing these areas of growth, families can continue to build the domestic church in their own homes.

Remember, the process of building your domestic church does not occur by spontaneous generation; rather, it must be prepared, requested and desired with an open heart. It has its ups-and-downs, but throughout there is the breath of the risen Lord who lives and constantly reminds us, “Do not fear,” “Peace,” and “I am with you” until the end of days.

Please see below for some tips and suggestions for growing your domestic church.

How To Build Your Domestic Church


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