Pastoral Priorities

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Addressing effectively these pastoral priorities requires first and foremost a commitment by all in the Church to intentional discipleship and to enthusiastically embrace the mission of Christ at the heart of which is evangelization. This includes individuals, families, parishes and other faith communities, Catholic institutions and agencies, organizations and movements.

I. Promoting Catholic Spirituality with Emphasis on the Sunday Eucharist

  • emphasizing traditional piety and devotions
  • toward keeping holy the Lord’s Day
  • respecting diverse cultures
  • leading to living a Christian Life

II. Fostering Evangelization & Systematic Catechesis

  • based within and promoting the mission and evangelizing activity of the Church
  • including Sacred Scripture, the Creed and Tradition
  • utilizing inspiring witnesses and presenters
  • making faith formation relevant and the foundation for living out the moral and social teaching of the Church
  • using discipling and mentoring as the basic methodology
  • emphasizing adult faith formation toward dynamic discipleship
  • embracing those baptized but uncatechized and reaching out to those who have drifted away from the Church

III. Strengthening Marriage & Family Life

  • based upon the plan of God and teaching of the Church
  • with marriage preparation which prepares engaged couples for mature commitment,utilizing the help of mentoring couples
  • including ministry with young marrieds and newly parenting couples which anticipates and addresses challenges
  • offering enrichment opportunities and promoting Catholic family practices and traditions

IV. Building a Culture of Life & Dignity

  • promoting human life and dignity
  • encouraging the development in every parish of an integrated program of social ministry based on the principles and values of Catholic social teaching
  • fostering systems of collaboration which will allow the Church to make a difference in the world

V. Engaging Youth & Young Adults

  • responding to them within their cultures and integrating them within the Church and parish life
  • including parents in discipling
  • activating clergy and parish leaders and groups to be part of the process

VI. Promoting Priestly & Religious Vocations

  • within our common Christian vocation
  • with prayers and programs in behalf of vocations
  • engaging priests, religious and laity at the parish level

VII. Embracing Cultural Diversity

  • respecting cultural differences while striving for unity within every faith community
  • ensuring the inclusion of different cultures in every aspect of parish life and guaranteeing fairness in responding to the needs and desires of all
  • welcoming traditional Catholic devotions and practices

VIII. Engaging the Laity in their Christian Vocation

  • radically based on good stewardship
  • including participation in ecclesial ministries and administration
  • expressed in the evangelization of cultures and environments