V Encuentro Proposals

October 2017

Called to an Encounter (A)

  • That the diocese may prioritize the creation of diverse forms of engaging young people, so that they may enjoy being a part of the Church. (Received most votes.)
  • That the diocese develop a uniform process for sacramental preparation, including content, requirements and costs.
  • Better communication about the workshops and training available for parish leaders.

Called to an Encounter (B)

  • That the diocese may support our young people with engaging projects: camps, sports leagues, music groups, formation and training for leaders. (Received most votes.)
  • That our clergy may be assigned to parishes in the diocese in proportion to the needs of the parish.
  • That the diocese promote the creation of more resources and materials in Spanish.

With Words and Actions (A)

  • Resources from the diocese for evangelizing young adults, youth and families. (Received most votes.)
  • Support from the diocese to retain and bring back Catholics.
  • Encouragement from the diocese for the hiring of bilingual staff in parish offices.

With Words and Actions (B)

  • That the diocese may support parish efforts for the evangelization of families. (Received most votes.)
  • That the diocese may support the formation of young people.
  • That the diocese may create a standardized preparation in all parishes for catechesis and sacramental formation.

Walking Together with Jesus (A)

  • For the diocese to encourage our clergy to be more supportive and accessible. (Received most votes.)
  • For the diocese to encourage the formation of faith through technology.
  • For the diocese to support efforts toward the ministry to families.

Walking Together with Jesus (B)

  • That the diocese may offer mandatory leadership courses every six months for all parish ministry leaders. (Received most votes.)
  • That the diocese may organize social gatherings at the diocesan level for the various parish ministry groups.
  • That the diocese invite all parishioners to create ministries, underscoring their importance.

Bearing Fruits (A)

  • For the diocese to create opportunities to invite and motivate young people to become ministry leaders, offering liturgical formation. (Received most votes.)
  • For the diocese to encourage the formation of evangelizing families to transform their communities.
  • That the diocese encourage a monthly gathering of ministry leaders to work together in diversity.

Bearing Fruits (B)

  • Communication: To promote dialogue between pastors and Hispanic parishioners through the use of Hispanic pastoral associates. (Received most votes.)
  • Encourage vocations to the priesthood.
  • Promote community building between priests and young people
  • Provide sporting events, vocational retreats, formation
  • Create a formation program for families that encourages dialogue between parents and their children.

Celebrating the Joy (A)

  • For the diocese to support the development of service groups that are led by young people, to respond to the needs of the parish and the poor. (Received the most votes.)
  • Use technology to make the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe known to all people.
  • Offer workshops about Our Lady of Guadalupe designed to attract young people.

Celebrating the Joy (B)

  • or the diocese to develop formation, catechetical preparation, and spiritual support for parish leaders. (Received the most votes)
  • or the diocese to encourage that in Hispanic communities there be formation and liturgies for children, Youth, Adults, and families in Spanish.
  • or the diocese to motivate the accompaniment and personal relationship to families through its parish leadership.


Rodrigo Valdivia

Vice-Moderator of the Curia

Linda Arreola

Relationship Manager, National Hispanic Outreach, Catholic Relief Services

María Arroyo

Relationship Manager, Catholic Relief Services

Aída Bustos

Associate Director, Office of Communication

Alejandra Díaz

Assistant, Office of Cultural Diversity

Maria Olivia "Marioly" Galván

Chancellor and Director of Pastoral Ministries

José Ernesto González

Associate Director, Permanent Diaconate

Father Emilio Magaña

St. Charles Parish

Erika Mayoral

Diocesan Tribunal Notary

Gerardo Rojas

Director, Youth Ministry

Roberto Rojas

Senior Adviser for Hispanic Outreach, Catholic Relief Services

Leticia Trent

Associate Director

Maria de Lourdes Valencia

Associate Director of Culture of Life