San Diego Catholic Bishop McElroy Offers Prayers and Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris

SAN DIEGO (Nov. 7, 2020) – Bishop Robert McElroy, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, issued a statement today offering prayers and congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.  Biden is only the second Catholic elected to the Presidency.

“I want to offer my prayers and heartfelt congratulations to President-elect Biden, Vice-President-elect Harris and all of the men and women across our nation who have been elected to national, state and local office this week.

“In a time of pandemic and deep societal division, the American people have entrusted to you a profound mission to transform our political culture so that genuine dialogue and action rooted in wide consensus will characterize our government at every level.  You are women and men of differing parties, regions, races, cultures and ideological visions.  But that is precisely why you can become the architects of healing, unity and progress for our divided country in the coming years.  May God bless you abundantly in your service to this land that all of us love so deeply.

“The inauguration of President-elect Biden will represent a historic moment for the Catholic community, as he will become only the second Catholic in American history to serve in the Presidency.  I pray that in the difficult challenges that will confront him, the heritage of Catholic faith that he received from his parents will be a source of enduring hope and joy, consolation and comfort, and wisdom and guidance.”