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The Creation Care Ministry inspires communities based at parishes and schools to become, in the words of Pope Francis, “protectors of God’s gifts.”

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Father Emmet Farrell leads the ministry, and is assisted by five coordinators, each serving a region of the diocese, known as a deanery. The ministry is housed in the diocese’s Office for Life, Peace and Justice.

Members of the ministry work to establish a Creation Care Team at each parish or school. They educate the team members and the broader faith community about Catholic social teaching on caring for the poor and protecting the environment and about Laudato Si’. This work is done in English and Spanish.

The ministry members help the community to identify ways to create more sustainable facilities and practices. And they empower parishioners to become advocates for faith-informed environmental policies.

The ministry responds to each community’s unique interests, culture, needs and resources. And they provide each community with the tools and resources its members need to act swiftly on this front.

In the second half of 2021, this ministry will focus on promoting the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, “a seven-year journey that will see our communities committed in different ways to becoming totally sustainable, in the spirit of integral ecology,” as Pope Francis said as he announced its launch on May 25.

Pastors and parishioners who want to explore developing a Creation Care Team at their parish may contact Father Farrell (efarrell@sdcatholic.org) or the coordinator for their deanery.

The ministry also raises awareness about the care of creation to the broader community at the diocese and in the public square.

Members organize seminars and webinars throughout the year, featuring an array of experts, on a variety of subjects. And they organize the annual St. Francis event to showcase projects developed by faithful around the region to respond to climate change and to care for the poor.

Creation Care Team members support public events related to climate change, the protection of the environment, and to social justice issues, such as advocating for policy changes to lift communities out of poverty and to end systemic racism.


Fr. Emmet (Emilio) Farrell
Phone: (619) 419-8345
efarrellEmail at symbolsdcatholic.org
Robert J Gilleskie, P.E.
Phone: (858) 793-1757
rjgilleskieEmail at symbolsan.rr.com
Jim DeHarpporte
jim.deharpporteEmail at symbolgmail.com
María Lourdes Valencia
Diocesan Liaison
Phone: (858) 490-8323
mvalenciaEmail at symbolsdcatholic.org
Cathedral Deanery
Robert Gilleskie
rgilleskieEmail at symbolsan.rr.com
El Cajon and El Centro Deanery
Fr. Emmet Farrell
efarrellEmail at symbolsdcatholic.org
Escondido Deanery
Arnold Bernardo
bernardo.arnoEmail at symbolgmail.com
Mission Deanery
Margaret McCahill
drmccahillofsEmail at symbolgmail.com
Oceanside Deanery
Patricia Grace
patriciaelizabethgrace7Email at symbolgmail.com
South Bay Deanery
David Larom
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