Million Meal Project

The ministry of the deacon is to help those in need, serving as the hands of Christ in the world. The deacons of the Diocese of San Diego have come together to develop a project that feeds the least among us, while delivering hope.

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Packing hope, one meal at a time

The deacons of the Diocese of San Diego have come together to live out their mission to serve the needy by coordinating an event that provides a million nutritious meals to children and families living in extreme poverty.

About half of the meals will be sent to Tijuana, Mexico, for distribution by the Franciscan Sisters at Casa de los Pobres, a non-profit organization that has served the poor for decades. The meals also will be sent to charities serving the poor in the Philippines and Africa.

To do this, the deacons plan to raise $250,000 dollars to be able to purchase the food ingredients and to recruit 3,000 volunteers to pack the equivalent of one million meals over one fun, inspiring weekend.

“The Million Meal Event is a statement that our Church, the Body of Christ, is united in caring for those who are often forgotten,” said Deacon Kevin Murray, one of the event’s coordinators.

Million Meal Event

This event is unlike any other church project.

Parish teams, with 75 volunteers each, will come together for three shifts outdoors at Cathedral Catholic High School during one weekend in June to pack nutritious meal bags:

Saturday, June 11, 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m.
Sunday, June 12, 11:30 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Volunteers will help in all aspects of the event. They will also be needed to set up the project on Friday, June 10; and to clean-up and break down the site on Sunday. The packing of the meal bags is the centerpiece. Parish teams and groups will work at various stations, assembly-line style. They will weigh the ingredients, fill the bags, pack them in boxes and seal them.

It’s all done to upbeat music, which has everyone smiling, not even thinking of looking at their cell phones. Before they know it, the teams have met their goal, packing tens of thousands of meal bags during their shift, filling a total of 4,620 boxes. And as soon as it’s over, they can’t wait until the next year’s event.

This joyful, hands-on experience is family-friendly. There’s a job for everyone, ages four to 99.

How to participate

The event requires $250,000 and 3,000 volunteers.

The deacons invite parishes to participate in two ways. The parishes can raise funds and/or organize teams to pack the meal bags. They recognize that not every parish can call on many volunteers or raise extra funds. Every parish is invited to do what it can to help feed impoverished families through this event.

The deacons invite individual donations, as well. No amount is too small.

Every $1 that is donated provides four meals.

The deacons also invite sponsors to support this event by donating $25,000. Each sponsor will be promoted in marketing materials and signage at the event. Donations are tax-deductible.


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