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On behalf of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, thank you for your generosity to the Church and for inquiring about our stock donation process. The Office for Development has the responsibility for handling donations of stock.



Step 1 - Establish Communication Between Your Broker and the Diocese's Broker
Typically a donor can have their broker contact the Diocese’s broker at Merrill Lynch to facilitate the transfer. The information that they will need is as follows

Merrill Lynch
Shawna Such
Direct line: 760-930-3116
Phone number: 800-844-0720
Fax #: 760-670-3550

Kelly Stephenson
Registered Client Associate

The donor’s broker can easily transfer the shares into the account titled: Roman Catholic Bishop of San Diego. The shares will then be sold and the Diocese will notify both the parish and the donor of the valuation for tax purposes. Additionally, the proceeds from the stock donation (net of selling costs) will be deposited in the designated beneficiaries account with the Diocese.


Step 2 - Complete Donation Form
Download and fill out the stock donation form. Be sure to enter the percentage designation of the donation where indicated. Stock Donation Form  Stock Donation Form 


Step 3 - Return the Completed Donation Form to the Diocese using one of the methods below:

  • Scan and email the completed form to
  • Or Fax it to (858) 490-8340.
  • Or send it using regular mail to:
    Stock Donations
    Diocese of San Diego
    Office for Development
    P.O.Box 85728
    San Diego, CA 92186-5728


By providing complete information, the Diocese can better track these gifts and prevent delays in acknowledging the donation. This will also expedite the funds being transferred to the parish or school.

Please keep the following things in mind when sending in stock donation requests:

  1. For tax purposes, the value of the securities being donated is based upon the average of the high and the low price of the securities on the date the securities are transferred to the Diocese in accordance with IRS guidelines.

  2. The longest lead time incurred is usually in transferring the stock from its current broker to the Diocese’s designated selling broker. Typically, stock is sold either on the day it is received or on the following business day.

  3. Donors will receive an acknowledgment letter from the Diocese of San Diego within four weeks of transferring their shares to Merrill Lynch.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact:

Manny Aguilar
Phone: (858) 490-8294