Parish Communication Resources

Parishes have a big job in communicating with their communities, especially in these challenging times. The goal of this page is to make that work a little easier.

The diocese’s Communication Office, in collaboration with other pastoral offices, developed the content of this page to help your parish.

We continue to offer resources for parishes to help them to promote our synod and the Annual Catholic Appeal.

This page will be updated regularly.

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

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Proposed bulletin inserts for synod

The faithful’s understanding of the synod and participation are important. This section offers texts to be shared in your parish bulletin. You may trim as needed.

EnglishFeb. 28, 2023  Diocese Releases Findings of Survey (.docx)

Español: 28 de Febrero, 2023  Diócesis Presenta Hallazgos de Encuesta (.docx)

Synod Reports

Findings for February 2023 in Vietnamese

Synod Videos

Please share these videos that thank everyone who has participated in any way to in the synod process. You can download them and post them on your website and social media.

Cardinal McElroy (English)
Auxiliary Bishop Bejarano (Spanish)
Father Michael (Vietnamese)
Sylvia Benning
Chris Bongato
Narciso Guzmán (Spanish)
Vi Salazar (Vietnamese)

Synod Logo

Click on the image, right click and save as image.

Annual Catholic Appeal

Promotional materials

Your parish community’s understanding of the ACA and participation are important. This section offers assets you can share through social media or other parish platforms (such as Flocknote) to promote the campaign.

Social media

ACA Videos

You can embed these videos and post them on your website or share them on social media.

Cardinal McElroy's Message (English)
Auxiliary Bishop Bejarano's Message (Spanish)